When proposing a new construction project, looking into the construction budget estimate is very important. We at Bid Estimation have programs and expertise to create your take-off with accuracy. All we need is your plans for the construction, in digital format and we’ll provide you the sources for the comparison table. Our teams utilize different budget estimating methods that will get your construction started. We can handle the complete estimating budget for a project, including material and labor costs as well.

The Best Building Budget Estimation Services in USA

After the basic information has been collected, our team will use various budget estimating methods for an accurate figure that will be given to the stakeholders. We assure you, the preliminary construction set of plans we submit will be accurate and this is what makes us different from our competitors. Mostly, the maximum time we need for providing our clients with the basic information is 36-hours.
Budget Estimation
Our team will start working on the estimating budget for your project once we receive your plans in BIM, CAD, or on paper. Just so you know, our skilled team of estimators will produce a precise list of all the important details, so that the clients receive competitive prices. Once this is tackled, our expert team will utilize different software and submit the complete estimation of your project using different budget estimation methods to eradicate any chances of error.
Importance of Preliminary Budget Estimation!
Before you start any construction project, an estimate of the budget that you’ll be spending is very important. The preliminary budget estimation includes;
  • custom homes
  • residential property
  • apartments
  • townhomes
  • condos
  • offices buildings
  • banks
  • malls
  • warehouses
  • schools
  • rehabs
  • theaters
        and much more


1. Bid estimation company consists of a team of professionals in their fields. We assure you, once you hand us your construction estimates costs, we will make it our priority to complete the project with utmost accuracy
2. Customers’ satisfaction is our priority, thus, if you want timely results and accurate outcomes, you know who to contact!
3. We believe in 100% transparency; we deliver what we promise.
4. Our track record makes us your number one choice as a construction budget estimator!
If you want to know which methods we use, contact us now. Or, just drop us a message or email us and we will guide you till the end. Get all the information you need; the advantages and disadvantages of which software program to use. Allow us to be your preliminary budget estimation partner, and we assure you to provide you the best results.

Bid estimating is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.

We offer a wide range of estimating and takeoff services. For more details, please visit the services page


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You can get an accurate construction estimate from one of our best freelance construction estimator within 24 hrs.

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Bid Estimation

Bid Estimation is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.


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