When building a new house, or a commercial building you need to ensure you are keeping an eye on the construction cost estimation, since each home has its style, quality, and size, which is why you can’t trust only vague numbers. Before you start with the construction, you need to know the construction cost per square foot as this drastically helps in the final result, which would be your house.

Bid Estimation- Your One Stop Place to Know How To Cost Estimate Construction!

Your search for the perfect home building cost ends hereContact us now and see what we’ve to offer. We use the latest cost estimating software that will yield accurate results. 


  1. Accurate results with inclusive estimates
  2. The turnaround times for residential estimates is around 24 to 36 hours
  3. All the estimates fulfill the international standards
  4. 24 hours support from our team


With experience in the field, our team has ample expertise for delivering the best results to our clients. If that was not enough, our team of experts will make use of cost estimation software that will further help in eradicating the minor errors, if any.
We deal with;
  • Remodeling
  • Renovation
  • Custom homes
  • Upgrades & improvements
  • Additions


  1.  Among all the other services, the major part relies on residential  commercial estimating. We’ve had residential and likewise, commercial contractors, investors, lenders, home builders reaching out to us and asking about construction cost per square foot. This helps the clients to tell us more about their favorite designs and budget. This way the cost fluctuations can be avoided and an exact budget is provided. 
  2. At times, homeowners ask us, how to cost estimate construction. At the owner, they want to set a budget aside for their new home. This helps them to check that the prices cited by the contractors are fair, thus they understand what time is required for laborers. As Bid Estimation Company, we contribute in offering design services, if required. 
  3. For the architectural firms, our constant support helps them to remain well within their budget, helping them to explore various new designs.
  4. Even subcontractors who are involved in drywall, painting, flooring, etc, approach us for accurate cost estimates that help them to win the bid proposal and setting aside good margins of labor and material. For them, we offer;
  • Feasibility reports
  • Legal claims
  • Budget estimates
  • Project scheduling 
  • And much more…


  • Our estimators start by reviewing the drawing plan provided by the clients. They then make sure of the latest cost estimator software like Planswift that will import the blueprints for on-screen take-off, and finally using the point and click method for measuring quantities. The takeoff services offered by us consist of takeoff and quantity. These takeoffs are then transported to Excel sheets in CSI MasterFormat, and uniformat by cost code, or as our clients’ demand
  • The cost estimates for a home building depends on what the clients want, but generally speaking, the following takeoffs are taken into consideration;
  • Mansory takeoffs for piers and walls.
  • Concrete takeoff for driveway, sidewalk, paving, foundation and super structure
  • Lumber takeoff for millwork, carpentry, framing and structure
  • Moisture and thermal protection for insulation of walls, roof and foundation
  • Openings takeoff for windows, doors, skylights and louvers etc.
  • Plumbing takeoff for different fixtures, pipes, pipe fittings and pipe support system.
  • Mechanical takeoff for HVAC equipment, Ducts (Including fittings, hangers and support) Pipe and related items.
  • Construction cost per square foot
  • General conditions like taxes, logistics, etc.
  • Estimate for labor and material
         And so much more..


  • Bluebeam
  • Planswift
  • On-Screen Takeoff
  • Quest Estimation
  • Rs Estimating
  • Xactimate
  • Fast pipe
  • Fast duct
  • Rs Means Gordian
Usually, the following industry needs our estimating services at some point of life;
  1. Urban master planning and smart city designers
  2. Tunneling and subway architects
  3. Residential home builders and renovators
  4. Rail and metro transportation engineers
  5. Offshore and marine architects
  6. Landscapers and landscape architects
  7. Highway and road engineers
  8. General contractors and construction managers
  9. Energy and utility contractors
  10. Civil, mechanical, and structural engineers
  11. Architects and all building designers

Bid estimating is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.

We offer a wide range of estimating and takeoff services. For more details, please visit the services page


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You can get an accurate construction estimate from one of our best freelance construction estimator within 24 hrs.

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Bid Estimation

Bid Estimation is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.


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+1 917 268 0411

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