The estimating services for doors, frames, and windows are called, openings estimating services, or simply door and windows estimating services. The expert cost estimators will give the total cost of installation and cost of the materials to the openings estimators. This they will describe to the door and frame contractors who further will use it for marking their labor markups in a bid.
In order to calculate the labor costs of special materials & windows/ doors, the contractors will remove the respective labor and material to install the openings in commercial and residential areas.


We have been serving the market for long enough to understand what the clients want. We are a group of certified estimators, also dealing with materials and industrial facilities labor.
Our openings estimating services offers a complete breakdown of;


  • Metal Doors and Frames
  • Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Standard Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Custom Hollow Metal Doors and Frames
  • Aluminum Doors and Frames
  • Stainless-Steel Doors and Frames
  • Bronze Doors and Frames
  • Metal Screen and Storm Doors and Frames
  • Steel Screen and Storm Doors and Frames
  • Aluminum Screen and Storm Doors and Frames
  • Metal Screen Doors and Frames
  • Aluminum Screen Doors and Frames
  • Metal Storm Doors and Frames
  • Steel Storm Doors and Frames
  • Sliding Metal Fire Doors
  • Sliding Metal Grilles
  • Metal Frames
  • Hollow Metal Frames
  • Standard Hollow Metal Frames
  • Custom Hollow Metal Frames
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Fire-Rated Aluminum Frames
  • Stainless Steel Frames
  • Bronze Frames
  • Metal Doors
  • Hollow Metal Doors
  • Standard Hollow Metal Doors
  • Custom Hollow Metal Doors
  • Aluminum Doors
  • Aluminum Terrace Doors
  • Stainless-Steel Doors
  • Bronze Doors
  • Wrought Iron Doors
  • Sliding Metal Doors
  • Bifolding Metal Doors
  • Wood Doors
  • Carved Wood Doors
  • Flush Wood Doors
  • Clad Wood Doors
  • Metal-Faced Wood Doors
  • Plastic-Laminate-Faced Wood Doors
  • Plastic-Faced Wood Doors
  • Prefinished Wood Doors
  • Stile and Rail Wood Doors
  • Wood Screen Doors
  • Wood Storm Doors
  • Sliding Wood Doors
  • Bifolding Wood Doors
  • Plastic Doors
  • Laminated Plastic Doors
  • Solid Plastic Doors
  • Plastic Screen Doors
  • Plastic Storm Doors
  • Sliding Plastic Doors
  • Bifolding Plastic Doors
  • Composite Doors
  • Fiberglass Doors
  • Bifolding Composite Doors
  • Integrated Door Opening Assemblies
  • Integrated Metal Door Opening Assemblies
  • Integrated Wood Door Opening Assemblies
  • Integrated Plastic Door Opening Assemblies


  • Entrances and Storefronts
  • Aluminum-Framed Entrances and Storefronts
  • Bronze-Framed Entrances and Storefronts
  • Stainless-Steel-Framed Entrances and Storefronts
  • 8 41 23 Steel-Framed Entrances and Storefronts
  • All-Glass Entrances and Storefronts
  • Point Supported All-Glass Storefronts
  • Stone Entrances and Storefronts*
  • Entrances
  • Aluminum-Framed Entrances
  • All-Glass Entrances
  • Automatic Entrances
  • Folding Automatic Entrances
  • Sliding Automatic Entrances
  • Swinging Automatic Entrances
  • Revolving Door Entrances
  • Balanced Door Entrances
  • Intensive Care Unit/Critical Care Unit Entrances
  • Storefronts
  • Fire Rated Storefronts
  • All-Glass Storefronts
  • Sliding Storefronts
  • Folding Glass Wall System
  • Curtain Wall and Glazed Assemblies
  • Glazed Timber Curtain Walls
  • Metal Framed Curtain Wall*
  • Glazed Fiberglass Curtain Wall
  • Glazed Aluminum Curtain Walls
  • Glazed Bronze Curtain Walls
  • Glazed Steel Curtain Walls
  • Glazed Stainless-Steel Curtain Walls
  • Glazed Wood Curtain Wall*
  • Structural Sealant Glazed Curtain Wall
  • Structural Glass Curtain Walls
  • Glass Framed Point Supported Glass Curtain Walls
  • Metal Framed Point Supported Glass Curtain Walls
  • Cable Framed Point Supported Glass Curtain Walls
  • Sloped Glazing Assemblies
  • Aluminum-Framed Storefronts


  • Metal Windows
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Bronze Windows
  • Stainless-Steel Windows
  • Steel Windows
  • Hot-Rolled Steel Windows
  • Metal Window Screens
  • Metal Storm Windows
  • Wood Windows
  • Custom Wood Windows
  • Custom Wood Windows*
  • Aluminum Clad Wood Windows
  • Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows*
  • Custom Aluminum Clad Wood Windows*
  • Aluminum Clad Wood Windows
  • Plastic-Clad Wood Windows
  • Wood Window Screens
  • Wood Storm Windows
  • Plastic Windows
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors
  • Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors
  • Vinyl Window Screens
  • Vinyl Storm Windows
  • Composite Windows
  • Fiberglass Windows
  • Fiberglass Window Screens
  • 08 54 69 Fiberglass Storm Windows
  • Vinyl-Wood Composite Windows
  • Pressure-Resistant Windows
  • Tornado-Resistant Windows
  • Blast-Resistant Windows
  • Special Function Windows
  • Interior Storm Windows*
  • Pass Windows
  • Fire Rated Windows*
  • Radio-Frequency-Interference Shielding Windows
  • Radiation Shielding Windows
  • Security Windows
  • Security Window Screens
  • Service and Teller Window Units
  • Detention Windows
  • Detention Window Screens
  • Sound Control Windows
  • Interior Insulating Windows
  • Hurricane Resistant Windows*


  • Roof Windows
  • Metal Roof Windows
  • Wood Roof Windows
  • Metal Framed Floor Windows*
  • Unit Skylights
  • Domed Unit Skylights
  • Pyramidal Unit Skylights
  • Vaulted Unit Skylights
  • Tubular Skylights
  • Metal-Framed Skylights
  • Domed Metal-Framed Skylights
  • Pyramidal Metal-Framed Skylights
  • Vaulted Metal-Framed Skylights
  • Ridge Metal-Framed Skylights
  • Motorized Metal-Framed Skylights
  • Plastic-Framed Skylights
  • Glazed Canopies
  • Suspended Glazed Canopies
  • Glass Unit Skylight System*
  • Skylight Protection and Screens


Glass Door Hardware

  • Sliding and Folding Door Hardware*
  • Door Latchsets and Locksets*
  • Door Lockset Cylinders*
  • Weatherstripping, Thresholds, and Seals*
  • Exit Devices*
  • Door Trim*
  • Door Closers*
  • Automatic Door Operators
  • Automatic Door Operators – Residential*
  • Automatic Door Sensors*
  • Security Door Hardware
  • Detention Door Hardware
  • Weatherstripping and Seals*
  • Access Control Hardware
  • Card Key Access Control Hardware
  • Keypad Access Control Hardware
  • Window Hardware
  • Automatic Window Equipment
  • Window Operators
  • Special Function Hardware
  • Hardware Accessories
  • Key Storage Equipmentzing:


  • Glass Glazing
  • Decorative Glass Glazing
  • Exterior Glass Glazing
  • Interior Glass Glazing
  • Mirrors
  • Mirrored Glass Glazing
  • Plastic Glazing
  • Decorative Plastic Glazing
  • Glazing Accessories
  • Glazing Surface Films
  • Solar Control Films
  • Safety Films
  • Safety and Security Films
  • Security Films
  • Special Function Glazing
  • Fire-Resistant Glazing
  • Hurricane Resistant Glazing
  • Cable Suspended Glazing
  • Transparent Mirrored Glazing
  • Opacity Controlled Glazing*
  • Electronically Controlled Switchable Glass
  • Pressure Resistant Glazing
  • Radiation Resistant Glazing
  • Security Glazing
  • Ballistics-Resistant Glazing


  • Louvers
  • Motorized Wall Louvers
  • Operable Wall Louvers
  • Fixed Louvers
  • Door Louvers
  • Louvered Equipment Enclosures
  • Vents
  • Soffit Vents
  • Wall Vents
  • Explosion Vents
  • Flood Vents


All the following discussed items are a part of openings estimating services. With a team of expert door and window cost estimators, we will ensure that we provide the best affordable and precise costs to bid. Contractors who have availed and benefitted from our services are;
  • Aluminum door contractors
  • Bronze door contractors
  • Vinyl door contractors
  • Fiberglass door contractors
  • Metal door contractors.

Bid estimating is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.

We offer a wide range of estimating and takeoff services. For more details, please visit the services page


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Bid Estimation

Bid Estimation is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.


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