Bid Estimation is always striving ahard to offer competitive rates to its clients so that they can bid more and win projects!

Why Trust Us?

  1. We offer accurate estimates only. We understand the importance of achieving project goals and assure to deliver only what you need- precise estimates only!
  2. Time is money, and we know that. Trust us when we say that we deliver the estimates with 48-hours, utmost. Although, for complicated industrial projects, the time may be more.
  3. We won’t rip your pockets. We guarantee reasonable rates. But, the rates may vary on the scope of project.
  4. We don’t charge extra for amendments and reviews.


We at Bid Estimation make use of Quickbooks Online payments that will secure the financial data of the clients. This way you can stay assured that PayPal information will remain encrypted. Once we review the plans given to us by the clients, we will analyze the project specification and will send a quote via the QuickBooks invoice along the delivery date. The clients then go through the quote, and if they accept with it, they can proceed with the payment.


Many times the clients are having a hard time streamlining the quantity takeoff/construction estimate process to submit the bids on time. If you are one of those, opt for our monthly takeoff package that are feasible for small contractors and startup contracting companies.


  • With short turnaround time, submit more bids on time, and say no to bids piling up
  • 100% accurate estimates
  • Make more competitive bids by hiring our expert cost estimation services
  • Save overheads and cut down estimates cost by almost 60%


We provide dedicated construction estimator who will work on your project at your office at only $1000/month
  1. A dedicated cost estimator will be committed to your project
  2. They will be available during the weekends too
  3. They offer customized services too
  4. Plus detailed takeoffs with line items properly defined with marked up plans
  5. RSmeans zip code based pricing available for material and labor, and
  6. 24 hours support though email
For more information regarding the accurate price of the estimate, please send us an email with the project specification and we will get back to you as our earliest.

Bid estimating is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.

We offer a wide range of estimating and takeoff services. For more details, please visit the services page


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You can get an accurate construction estimate from one of our best freelance construction estimator within 24 hrs.

Feel free to call us: +92 301 3693343  or contact us by filling this form.

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Bid Estimation

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Bid Estimation

Bid Estimation is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.


140 Bellamy Loop, apartment 16B, Bronx NY 10475.

+1 917 268 0411


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