At Bid Estimation we’ve served many clients with our services, most of who are exaction contractors and are extremely busy. We outsource their estimation and deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions. 
site Work
Although, yes, these big companies do have estimators working in their company, most of them are busy bidding proposals and so cannot give the desired time for takeoff plans, and calculate markup of their jobs.
Thus, this is where cost estimating companies like us, come into action. We have a range of specialized civil estimators dedicated to division 2 of estimating services. They are well versed and have previously worked with site work contractors and thus can deal with residential, commercial and public projects.
The deliverables we complete;
  • Cut & Fill Takeoff list along with a takeoff summary
  • Earth Volumes, quantities, & section
  • Surface Grading
  • Cut & fill visual 3D reports
  • Provide 3D mapping reports and reviewed bid documents
  • Landscaping estimate with soil volumes (Hardscape, Softscape & Irrigation)


  • Bases, Ballasts, Pavements and Appurtenances
  • Athlete and recreational surface
  • Site improvements
  • Screening devices
  • Site security
  • planting
  • Irrigation
  • Wetlands
  • Operations and maintenance of exterior improvements
  • Common work results for exterior improvements


  • Convert your topological data in Civil 3D
  • Takeoff/estimate/fill quantities for your construction jobs
  • Provide 3D graphical representation of cut and fill parts and elevations with cross sections


  • Residential Site work
  • Commercial Site work
  • Industrial Site work
Site work project is different and needs a different and unique approach. Using the latest software in site work estimation, we will carefully study the drawings and plans you give us and prepare a precise and correct sitework takeoff for materials, man-hours and labor. Other factors include; safety, permits, construction equipment, and insurance are also considered.

Unable to afford a full-time estimator? Don’t worry! Hire us and we will deliver the best sitework estimations to YOU!


  • Efficient and accurate results
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Short turnaround time
  • Certified estimators only
  • Confidentiality, and
  • 24 hours support via email and chat.

Bid estimating is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.

We offer a wide range of estimating and takeoff services. For more details, please visit the services page


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You can get an accurate construction estimate from one of our best freelance construction estimator within 24 hrs.

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So, if you are still confused about hiring us, drop us a line and we will discuss what you’ve in mind!

Bid Estimation

Bid Estimation is a well-reputed cost estimating company specializing in offering our professional consultation and detailed estimations on your construction projects.


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+1 917 268 0411

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